Maybe some of you already know about online banking software that gives 
support to custom electronic currency (not Bitcoin) like Cyclos 
<>, OSC <>, Community 
Forge <>, CES 

When I think of XMPP I see a potential tool to give extra support to 
communities who use custom currencies, since they could integrate 
accounting system with powerful instant messaging.

I am figuring out how this could be achieved. The way I am thinking about 
is by creating a Prosody module that handles and stores all transactions. 
It could consist in a special MUC containing all users belonging to the 
community and a bot that would act as the 'bank clerk'. It would receive 
payments and collection requests, ask for permission to the involved party, 
and register succesful transactions. Every user would see his account 
statements list as if it was a private chat with the clerk bot inside the 

My programming skills are limited, so I am looking for someone who might be 
interested in the subject in order to begin a collaboration.

Best Regards

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