Hi All,

I am currently looking into some config and scaling options - the goal is 
to integrate prosody into some hosting scenario. In the end there is a 
webclient embedded into another application, and it is using BOSH to 
connect to prosody (with nginx doing SSL offloading).
In one of my tests I tried to create a lot of VirtualHost configs - and to 
my surprise there seems to be a limit. While everything was pretty smooth 
for like 20 hosts, I really had problems with larger numbers. 500 hosts 
also does not seem to be a problem, but with 1000 hosts it basically 
stopped working. 
I increased RAM and adjusted limits for file descriptors, but it looks like 
even with 8G of RAM I am not able to connect anymore. I am currently trying 
with prosody 0.10.

Any hints on how to solve this? In the intended target environment I am 
facing a situation with something like 5000 domains - which would create 
1000 hosts in prosody ( domain and conference component).

best regards,

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