Hi Chris,

On 27 July 2017 at 23:32, Chris Ballinger <chrisballin...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I know that the Prosody project is still fond of Mercurial but, personally,
> it makes it more difficult to contribute. Having a mirror on GitHub (with
> issues disabled) that accepted PRs would be really great. I know there was
> some discussion about this back in 2015, and was wondering if people's
> thoughts have changed since then.

No harm in this simple asking, but no, no plans or desire to switch.
We're still quite happy with our choice of tooling. Nothing has
changed in Mercurial, Git or Github since previous discussions to
change our minds.

I'm sorry you feel it is difficult to contribute. We accept patches in
patch form, and universal patches can be generated by Git, Mercurial,
plain ol' diff or whatever other tool you choose to use.

If you do use Mercurial and have a bunch of commits to send us, simply
run 'hg bundle' and send us the bundle file. I'm pretty sure it's
easier than a PR :)

I don't see the generation and sending of contributions as a problem.
But I'll be quite honest and say that we do have a different problem:
we have been doing a bad job about handling and processing the
contributions we receive. We're planning to fix this with a more
visible patch queue (which may be based off our issue tracker or
something like the Patchwork tool that the Mercurial project itself
uses). However releasing 0.10 is our immediate focus right now.

To folks who have sent us such patches that are not yet merged (or
rejected): please accept my apologies. Make sure there is an issue
open on our tracker, and don't be afraid to poke us about the status
if you haven't seen any action for a while.

With the exception of the new pubsub code which has not yet been
merged, 0.10 remains generally closed to new features, but we'll be
doing a review of everything outstanding after its release (very soon


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