This patch fixes an issue with requesting event source MUC room
subscribtion with uppercase letters. Since room names are
case-insensitive (stored lowercase) we must make input room name
lowercase as well.

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# HG changeset patch
# User Senya <>
# Date 1519412008 -7200
#      Fri Feb 23 20:53:28 2018 +0200
# Node ID 87d359690912ff633fec19cde5c7ae53f86e39e5
# Parent  5ba6fc4c7791fd8f642b56107daa4eb9582fd4f6
mod_muc_eventsource: room JIDs are lowercase

diff -r 5ba6fc4c7791 -r 87d359690912 mod_muc_eventsource/mod_muc_eventsource.lua
--- a/mod_muc_eventsource/mod_muc_eventsource.lua	Tue Feb 20 21:34:01 2018 +0200
+++ b/mod_muc_eventsource/mod_muc_eventsource.lua	Fri Feb 23 20:53:28 2018 +0200
@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@
 function serve_stream(event, node)
+	node = node:lower();
 	module:log("debug", "Client subscribed to: %s", node);
 	local response = event.response;

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