March 29 SP1


        • All the reporting done for SP1/SP4
        • The following D have been submitted: D404.1-2; D404.2-2; D103.1-2; 
D102.2-2 for internal purposes
To do Jess -- harmonize Gregg’s stories w/ new persona narratives in the wiki
To do Jess -- send email about meeting with Katerina and Vivian and Jess on 

Next week Vivian is coming to Toronto

There is a list for D401.1 and the long list of measures in WP404 description 
we can start with.
        • Will share the docs to get Jess and Vivian re-aligned with the work 
of the KPIs so far in the project

Working on the exploitation deliverables. Vivian mentioned not harmonized with 
SP1 work done -- is going to give some pointers to help update the deliverable. 
Exploitation not integrating the 2-sided markets and other sections she 
believes need to be changed. This Friday due…

Face-to-face discussion about Vivian’s work.

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