> Is there any possibility to pass parameters of process "PCB:LibraryBrowse"
> (Footprint and Library parameters) ?
> I run this BASIC script (something like that):
> ResetParameters
> RunProcess ("PCB:LibraryBrowse)
> GetStringParameter ("Footprint", a$)
> and so on...
> The paramameter doesn't seem to be passed.

You can pass parameters (and parameter values) *to* Processes, but as far as
I know, it is not possible to read (parameter) values *from* Processes
though. (I have an idea that one or two functions, of a special purpose
nature, can return values, but that is a different story.)

> In fact, I would make a script that can be run from the schematic editor
> make a "thumbnail" of existing footprint, and pass the "Footprint"
> to use it directly in the placement of part in schematic (e.g. with making
> custom dialog box...)

It sounds as though you want to be able to display an image of each
prospective footprint (for a component).

If you could accomplish this (off-hand, I'm not sure if you could actually
do so or not), the Pcb Library file containing the footprint of interest
would need to be opened at the time (as Pcb Library files can not
(currently) be saved in ASCII format, and the details of the binary format
of these files has not been publicly documented).

How much experience do you have with using macros and/or the SDK files (to
create your own Processes within customised addon Servers)? From what you
are saying, it would seem that this is a project in which a reasonable
amount of experience in those areas is called for.

Geoff Harland.
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