> > is there a way to program servers with the SDK-Files for Protel in C or
> > At work we have only C and C++-Compilers but no Delphi.
> > I would be happy about any hint.
> > Thank you for your interest and help
> >
> > miro
> I would sugest spending the $100 and buy delphi.. The only C program that
> will work is  Borland C++ (what ever they call it now).  Delphi 5 would be
> the best option.. and you dont need more than the standard version if all
> your going to do is Protel stuff.
> Simon Peacock

I am not even sure that you could use Borland C++ Builder to create addon
servers, so I concur that you should purchase a copy of Delphi.

That said, if you want to create addon servers for use with Phoenix (the
upcoming version of Protel), it might be worth your while to wait until
after both Phoenix, and SDK files for it, have been publicly released
(before buying a copy of Delphi). When Altium (then, Protel) released Protel
99 SE, Delphi 5 was the most recent version of Delphi at the time, and SDK
files had to be used in conjunction with that version. (Initially, you could
use either Delphi 5 or Delphi 3, but after a second set of updated SDK files
were released, the use of Delphi 3 was no longer supported.)

At this time, Delphi 6 is the most recent version of Delphi, so it is quite
on the cards that that version will need to be used in conjunction with
Phoenix's SDK files. (And even if the use of Delphi 5 is also supported
initially, that doesn't mean to say that that will still be the case if
Altium releases updated SDK files at some future stage).

But if you want to create addon servers specifically for use with Protel 99
SE, and are prepared to take a punt that Delphi 5 could also be used with
Phoenix, then you should buy a copy of Delphi 5 now.

I haven't done so myself, but I have an idea that it might be possible to
download a "Personal" version of Delphi 6 for free (from Borland's website).
But AFAIK, it provides just a subset of the features provided by the
Standard version of Delphi, and there is probably a prohibition on providing
compiled applications to others on a commercial basis. Time will tell
whether that version could be used with Phoenix's SDK files, but it is
something to keep in mind (and perhaps follow up).

NOTE: Because most of the SDK files are of a compiled or semi-compiled
nature, they can *not* be used with any version of Delphi other than the
version used to create them. Hence, you can not use *any* version of Delphi
6 to create addon servers for use with Protel 99 SE; you *must* use one of
the Delphi 5 versions.

Geoff Harland.
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