On 05:18 PM 22/03/2002 -0500, Sean Gross said:
>I wish to build a server utility that has the capability of editing text
>fields for part objects that have been placed on schematic sheets.  I am
>particularly interested in editing the "Part Type" field which is an object
>handle to a TSchTextField.
>After reviewing the SDK documentation it doesn't appear that it is possible
>to edit these primitives given the API functions that are provided.  Does
>anyone have any experience with making a change to an existing part object
>using SDK?
>Sean Gross
>Computer Engineering Technologist
>Aastra Telecom
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Technically the NDA, if still in force (see below), prevents us from 
discussing details of the SDK since it (the SDK) is still in 
pre-release.  So my usual method of asking questions is to ask them of 
protel tech support - who always reply that technically they do not support 
the SDK but they will refer the question on to the SDK experts.  I believe 
there is *no* move to release the P99SE SDK, and no move to rescind the 
NDA.  Not something I am hugely impressed with...

However, depending on when you "signed" (or downloaded) the SDK the 
one-year time limit in the NDA is quite likely to be up - it is for many of 
us.  It does get a little more complex when you consider that the RTL 
updates may or may not be covered by details being discussed and this may 
or may not have been downloaded much later than when the SDK itself was 

Also, I have been informed by Protel Tech Support that this forum could be 
used to discuss the SDK but when I pursued the issue of the NDA preventing 
public discussion (and this is a public group) there was no clear answer 
saying go ahead it is OK. So I am not sure what the real situation 
is.  Since the new version of Protel is coming out soon I would not be 
surprised if the P99SE SDK was never released.

Anyway I downloaded the SDK which includes the documentation and the 
samples much more than a year ago, so... it is possible to change the text 
(and other attributes) in TSchTextField objects.  Look at SchAPI_QueryText 
and look at the documentation for SchAPI_QueryText  (use eGetState and 
eSetState to get, modify and write back the required values).

Ian Wilson

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