At 12:26 PM 3/23/2002 +1100, Ian Wilson wrote:
>Also, I have been informed by Protel Tech Support that this forum could be 
>used to discuss the SDK but when I pursued the issue of the NDA preventing 
>public discussion (and this is a public group) there was no clear answer 
>saying go ahead it is OK. So I am not sure what the real situation 
>is.  Since the new version of Protel is coming out soon I would not be 
>surprised if the P99SE SDK was never released.

My suggestion. Notify Protel Technical Support, in a way that you can 
document, that you intend to discuss the SDK here, that it is your 
impression that they do not object to this, and that you are offering them 
this opportunity to inform you otherwise.

My opinion is that if you waited a decent period of time after that 
notification (which time should be stated in the notice), you would be 
legally clear; they could ask you to stop but they could not take action 
against you for what you did prior to their request to stop.

Of course, if they ask you not to discuss it, you will have your answer and 
you would need to decide whether or not you were still bound by the SDK, 
and even if the answer is that you were not bound, most of us do not wish 
to disregard requests from Altium/Protel even if we could legally do so. 
But if they request that there be no discussion, that would open the 
question and we could lobby Protel based on an explicit action that they 
have taken, not on something vague. At the very least Altium might open up 
the private list for discussion among those who have agreed to non-disclosure.

My own opinion is that all the secrecy does Altium and us more damage than 
it does good, but that is another story....

Abdulrahman Lomax
Easthampton, Massachusetts USA

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