I am not quite sure what you are asking here, but I think you want to take
the components and circuitry on the top and flip it on the bottom, and that
what was on the bottom then becomes flipped to the top.

Try this with a copy of your database, so that you do not loose anything if
it does not work.

Make sure you have a large area to the right or above you original board to
work with.

It will be much easier to do this if you set your grid to .100" and make a
reference point at the lower left of the original board, and another one at
the lower right of the new board location.on this grid.

Turn off all layers except the top layer.

Select everything on the top layer (including all traces and components,

Use E C (Edit Copy) and click on your reference point to set the reference
point of the copy.

Turn the bottom layer back on.

Make the bottom layer the active layer.

Use E A (Edit Paste Special) to copy the array, and "check off" the boxes in
the Paste Special Dialogue for "Paste on current layer", "Keep net name",
and "Duplicate designator", and then click on the "Paste" button.

Hit "x" on your keyboard to flip the array.

You will get a warning message that says "Warning: you are attempting to
flip a component to the same side of the board . . . ", but remember, we
changed from the top layer of the board to the bottom layer of the board, so
we really are not on the same layer anymore, so where it says "Do you want
to continue?", click on the "Yes" button.

Position your new array to the right or above the original board, at your
new reference point, and then place it with a mouse click.

Use E E A (or X A ) to deselect everything.

You should now have a mirror image if your top layer on the bottom layer in
a new location.

You will also have a bunch of rats nest connections going between the two
boards since you have "duplicated" all of the components and all of the

Inspect everything to make sure this is what you want, and if so, then

Turn off everything except the bottom layer.

Select everything on the bottom layer of your original board, and do an E C
and select your reference point for your original board.

Turn the top layer back on, and make it the current layer.

Go thru the E A (Paste Special) Dialogue again, flip it by hitting "x",
click "Yes", and place your new top layer where it belongs with respect to
your new bottom layer.

You will have to go thru this same scenario for other signal layers of the
board, but should not have to worry about flipping plane layers unless you
have "split planes", in which case you will have to flip them also, although
you do have to copy any boundries on your planes,into your new board
(although it may be easier just to "fix" the planes in the Layer Stack
Manager after you are done with everything else).

Once you have copied or transferred everything to your new "flipped" board,
make sure all of your layers are turned on, and that you have copied
everything that you need to copy into your new "mirrior image" board, and if
everything looks OK, then it is time do delete the original.

Simply select everything in the original board, and delete it.

You may now want to move your new board into the place formerly occupied
with the old one.

Needless to say, you will have to juggle your mechanical layers to your new
configuration, and possibly other things such as the board outline and
keepout layers, etc., etc., but other than that I think that you will have
what you are looking for.

Hope this works for you,

JaMi Smith

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> Hi, Any one knows how to flip a board in Protel?
> I want to turn the direction of a pre-routed PCB (  the left side will be
> right side and right side will be at the left, just like I hold a piece of
> PCB board in hand and turn it ).
> I selected the PCB board, then press X key, Protel prompts that it will
> the board in the same layer, so wires are kept in the original layer and
> compoent footprints are flipped but keep in the original layer.
> I can not use "L" key, because a lot of wires and components are selected.
> Anyone has a solution?
> Thanks a lot.
> Jun

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