On 11:10 AM 2/5/2001 +1100, Les Grant wrote:
>Hi all,
>In schematic, I was editing my button toolbar (power ports) and I 
>clicked on the "Info" button. Protel complained that it couldn't find 
>"AdvSch.HLP". This file is in c:\Program Files\Protel99SE\Help. 
>How do I tell protel? Does anyone know where protel is looking for 
>the help file?

I have the same problem in P99SE, though not in P98. P99SE does not recognize the 
Protel install location of the Protel AdvSch help file. I hadn't mentioned it before, 
because I mistakenly thought it was particular only to my system. In my case, the file 
in question is located in the directory, H:\Protel\Design Explorer 99 SE\Help, exactly 
where Protel put it when P99SE was installed.

In fact, on a lark, I tried another which would have called Netlist.hlp, and another 
which, if Protel had properly configured their $6K "Professional-level" EDA software, 
would have opened Client.hlp, but in each case I received nothing more useful than an 
error message. At a guess, had I chosen any other menu selection and depressed "info", 
I would have received yet another error.

I'd be interested to know if you find the same situation on your system, ie, that it's 
more than just AvdSch.hlp. 

FYI, The registry shows no signs of containing anything to do with "Advsch", so I 
checked the RCS and INI files, and in the RCS files, I found the most of the help 
files are accessed by what I guess is either a flawed path or some broken form of 
aliasing, (blahblahblah help=\help\xxx.hlp)

I'm hoping that I'm not the only one who sees these as something more than isolated 

As a note to the subject of service packs, it seems logical to repair fundamental 
flaws such as these before working on perfecting neato new features, themselves 
inserted during service pack issuances.


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