At 07:15 PM 2/3/01 -0500, Mike Reagan wrote:

>6. A NO ERROR directive in PCB to overide a drc error.

This directive would essentially be a generic design rule override. It 
would suppress a specific error message. The override would list the 
suppressed message, and it would be possible to print a list of suppressed 
messages. It might even be routine to print the list at the end of a DRC 
report. Since an edit to a primitive or component that affects the 
generated error message would cause the suppression to fail, the 
associated  NoError override would become obsolete, any complete DRC that 
did not trigger the override would cause the override to be flagged as 
inactive, and inactive overrides could be cleared with a single command.

It is not necessary, really, that the "suppressed" errors be completely 
suppressed; really all that is necessary is that they be reported 
separately, after the unsuppressed errors, on the DRC, and that the error 
not display with the error color.

>13. Abilty to import Cadence pcb

Actually, export would be even more important to me. I can think of many 
jobs I would have had, no doubt at all, if I could have easily exported 
Cadence. Import I could handle already through gerber. Export could be done 
the same way, except that it is a bit much to expect a client to do it.... 
Perhaps I should seek Solutions from Router Solutions, but their 
translators are a bit pricey.

Being able to import and export all kinds of net lists would also be 
valuable. Again, I can do it manually with some trouble.

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