At 06:08 PM 2/3/01 -0500, Phillip Stevens wrote:
>  I think one thing which might be even more useful than maintaining
>  another list is some ftp space where we could all exchange example
>  files of problems,  and also a place where Protel could pick them up.

While we have the filespaces of the lists, those spaces are 
somewhat limited if we are going to be talking about having   more than a 
few files. I'll configure some space on for public ftp access.

>  I've had problems in the past emailing large ddb's (didn't know at
>  the time about compacting them,  and haven't tried since to see if
>  doing this makes them small enough to email).

It seems to me that a .ddb, when the recycle bin has been emptied and it 
has then been compacted, takes up little more space than the files which 
comprise it. What I do when sending .ddbs is to delete unnecessary files, 
such as reports which can be easily redone, and likewise the CAM files, 
because it is just about single-button to regenerate them, one of the 
advantages of the CAM manager. Libraries are usually not necessary unless 
the libraries are being sent to provide the parts to another designer. The 
parts that are already on the schematic or PCB can, of course, be extracted 
to a project library after the file has been received.

I have only a 56K modem, so I do need to be a bit careful. I was sent a 
...ddb from a client who did not know about compacting, etc., and it was over 
10MB. After I dumped the trash and compacted, it was about 700KB.

>  Someplace to exchange ddbs,  with different areas for the following 
> purposes:
>  - to ask a question of the group
>  - to submit what you think is a bug
>  - to collect what the group thinks is a bug

Shazam! Send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] to 
join.... The associated filespace is open to members.

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax
PCB design, consulting, and training
Protel EDA brokering (resale) services
Sonoma, California, USA
(707) 939-7021, efax (419) 730-4777

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