> Still having problems. (I didn't have time until this morning to try Jon
Elson's suggestion, ie, the addition of a "Repeat" modifier.)
> 1. There doesn't appear to be a "repeat=true" available to me. That is,
Protel's help doesn't show "repeat" as a valid modifier for the
Sch:placewire process, and it does nothing when added.
> 2. WRT checking the standard commands for example syntax, the default
placewire menu item simply uses the "Sch:placewire" process with no
modifiers. No "repeat=true", or anything else, for that matter.
> 3. my menu items use variants of the following modifier statement:
> COLOR=16512|LineWidth=0
> where the color or linewidth changes, depending, of course, on the color
and/or linewidth that is chosen for a particular process...
> It seems that when such  modifiers are added, the second "esc" (that which
cancels the command entirely) is either removed or automagically generated
"for me". My understanding, as gleaned from the Help file (Sch:placewire),
is that the first "ESC" should stop the process, and the second should
cancel it.
> Anyone know a way around the problem, or alternatively, can you confirm
that it's just another of those "trivial" bugs?
> Andrew Jenkins

After your earlier posting on this topic, I trawled the files cached on my
hard drive from my (web-)surfing excursions, and recovered the following
text which *was* present on Protel's Web Site in times past (like part of
the second half of last year):


Do you find placing a power port from the toolbar in Schematic only allows
you to place once? Want to know how to place repeatedly?

There has been a parameter introduced for the SCH:PlacePowerPort process on
the Power Objects toolbar. It enables you to place a power port repeatedly
until the Escape key or right mouse button is pressed. To enter the
parameter edit the Power Objects toolbar by double clicking on the title bar
of the toolbar. Double click on one of the processes listed
SCH:PlacePowerPort and append to the parameter field |Repeat=true. Confirm
the change by pressing OK. You can enter this for all the processes in this
toolbar if you wish. Close the dialog and then place a power port from the
toolbar Check that it continuously places until escape from the process. If
it stops placing ports after the first one is placed then check that the
parameter has been entered correctly.


This was listed under a heading of "Tip of the Week"; my recollections are
that that particular tip was listed for a not inconsiderable number of

It look as though this parameter *does* work with the SCH:PlacePowerPort
process, as claimed, but *not* with other processes, such as Sch:PlaceWire.

So one suggestion that I would make, for provision in the next Service Pack,
is for such a parameter to be supported for other processes as well. Apart
from "obvious" choices like Sch:PlaceWire and Sch:PlaceLine, this is
something I would *also* like to see provided for the Sch:Paste and
Pcb:Paste processes. I have lost track of the number of times that such an
enhancement would have been useful to me (and one thing I recall from using
Autocad was that a similar "auto-repeating" command was available in this

My suggestion, for what it is worth, is that you set up resources to place
wires with properties that you want (e.g red wires that are extra thin).
After placing the *first* such wire, switch to using the Sch:PlaceWire
command, with *no* parameters at all. The parameters that were most recently
used become the default parameters in the event that no parameters are
provided at all. Then, when you want a wire with *different* properties,
either use a customised resource to achieve this, or hit the Tab key after
invoking the PlaceWire command.

I agree that that is not as user-friendly as having a command that truly
supports auto-repeat. But until such a command is fully supported, that is
probably the best way to go...

Geoff Harland.
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