On 06:58 PM 5/02/2001 -1000, Cecil Waterhouse said:
>One item I would like to see added to PCB is the use of a wild card (and a
>range) when placing components etc.
>i.e. 'edit' 'move' 'Component' U*.  This would allow the user to place all
>designated components starting with the lowest value of U and progress
>upward to the last, or moving components individually within the designated
>range.  I have seen this capability in other CAD systems.  Should be easy to
>Cecil W.

Riddle me more on this one pls, Cecil.

Are you saying after moving say U1 (first in the list) and clicking it into 
its new spot the cursor would jump to U2 (or U2 jump to the cursor) and 
have U2 floating on the cursor ready form placement?

Seems this would be most useful on the first placement of a new board and 
only when you had a numbering scheme that kept consecutive component 
numbers in an order that means they are best placed nearby (a good thing 
for a number of reasons but not universal).

Now it might be possible to get the auto-component selection to work in 
with the 'room' feature as well.

I s'pose you could have a hot key(s) that steps you forward or backward 
through the list as well - and the status bar would need to be fixed so you 
can see what the component you are moving actually is.  (It doesn't show 
the component designator while the component is moving, currently.)

I am not sure that I would get much use from such a feature, if I have 
understood it correctly, but others may.

Ian Wilson

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