I think that
is a good place for us to put ddbs.
(It already has sample ddb named "LayerStackSample.zip").

Please tell me if you find a better place. (I like the directory structure
Phillip suggests).

"Jim Parr" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 2001-02-03 08:01:55 PM remindes us:
>Subject: Re: [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Suggestions for improving Protel...
>I think your idea is a very good one Phillip.  W.r.t. compacting, we just
>need to remember to empty the '.ddb' recycle bin prior to doing this.  When
>zipped (and I suggest this become a required rule for such an exchange
>site), ddbs pack down pretty well - often to about 10% of original size and
>it's a reliable way of ensuring the files are transferred error-free.
>Further, I wonder if such a site might stipulate as a preference that any
>posted contributions are stripped of most 'surrounding' information in the
>design files that bears no relationship to the problem, or fix.  I guess
>there will be exceptions for example where deleting apparently unrelated
>information of any sort will cause the problem to exhibit different symptoms
>or even disappear.  An added benefit of this is that I have gone through
>this sort of process many times when attempting to communicate a problem to
>a colleague and ended up solving it myself in this way.

Jim Parr

From: Phillip Stevens <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Re[2]: [PROTEL EDA USERS]: Suggestions for improving Protel...
> I think one thing which might be even more useful than maintaining
>  another list is some ftp space where we could all exchange example
>  files of problems,  and also a place where Protel could pick them up.
>  Someplace to exchange ddbs,  with different areas for the following
>  - to ask a question of the group
>  - to submit what you think is a bug
>  - to collect what the group thinks is a bug

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