Hi Les,
        here is the response that I got to the same enquiry Sept. 28/00.
Don't get your hopes too high, as you can see SP6 has come and gone with no
fix. Name deleted to protect the innocent (and former) Tech support person.
If you read between the lines he clearly implies that it is out of his


You are not missing anything.  We have reported this behavior a while back, 
and I still hope to see it corrected.

It has to do with case sensitivity and an INI file that lists these help

Personally when looking for info on processes I use the area under the help 
menu as it is easier to access... Help-->Process Reference.

You can find this in SCH and PCB and it will list all of the processes.

Hopefully the issue with the info buttons is corrected in Service Pack 6.


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Hi Andrew,

On 4 Feb 2001, at 22:26, Andrew Jenkins wrote:

> On 11:10 AM 2/5/2001 +1100, Les Grant wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >In schematic, I was editing my button toolbar (power ports) and I
> >clicked on the "Info" button. Protel complained that it couldn't find
> > "AdvSch.HLP". This file is in c:\Program Files\Protel99SE\Help. How
> >do I tell protel? Does anyone know where protel is looking for the
> >help file?
> I have the same problem in P99SE, though not in P98. P99SE does not
> recognize the Protel install location of the Protel AdvSch help file.
> I hadn't mentioned it before, because I mistakenly thought it was
> particular only to my system. In my case, the fil e in question is
> located in the directory, H:\Protel\Design Explorer 99 SE\Help,
> exactly where Protel put it when P99SE was installed.
> I'd be interested to know if you find the same situation on your
> system, ie, that it's more than just AvdSch.hlp. 

I just tried the same experiment with the PCB editor - same 
problem. I have sent an email to Protel Support. Lets see what 


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