> > Then again, if that file already exists, or this attempt to fix things
> > doesn't work out either, I will confess to being baffled...
> >
> > Geoff Harland
> Geoff,
> You are now officially baffled. <g> I opened the AdvSch.hlp file manually
last night, so the GID file exists, yet "Info" still doesn't open the help
> Just so we're all on the same page, I will note that depressing the "help"
button produces the correct result. (Les, can you confirm?) It is only when
trying to use the INFO button that this > error occurs. (Just in case the
situation wasn't clear)
> I believe you're a Delphi developer, correct? If so, can you explain why
there is a double backslash in all the paths stored in the ProHelp99SE.ini
> ex: H:\PROTEL\DESIGN EXPLORER 99 SE\\Help\AdvSch.hlp
> Andrew Jenkins

It would be more accurate to categorise me as a PCB designer who uses a copy
of Delphi to create addon servers (using the (C)SDK files provided by
Protel) for use with Protel (with the objective of making this more
user-friendly, or at least from my perspective). (I first created some addon
servers for Protel 3, then for Protel 98, and currently for Protel 99 SE.)
As such, I would not categorise myself as an expert on Delphi, nor as a
developer (or at least not on a serious basis), and consequently, I am not
sure of the significance of the double backslash in the paths described. But
to hazard a guess, they are used to demarcate the "root" location of the
Protel 99 SE installation; the remainder of the path then indicates the
location of the help files relative to that "root" folder. (Assuming that is
the case though, I am lost on the merits of providing such demarcation in
the circumstances.)

The situation strongly suggests buggy/broken code. It would be nice if that
was the only instance of this, but as we (well) know, it is scarcely
freakishly uncommon in this regard...

Geoff Harland.
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