Another improvement to add to the list; its nature is such that it would
almost certainly have to be provided in a new version, rather than in
another SP for the existing version.

Permit "free" text strings within schematic components to be right justified
or centre justified, as alternatives to (the current) left justification.
And when a component placed in a schematic file is flipped (/mirrored), left
justified text becomes right justified, and vice versa (while centre
justified text does not change). At present, names for pins on the right
hand side of a component are right justified (which is appropriate), but all
text which is *not* associated with any pin is always left justified.

My past experience with using Pcad and Autocad familiarised me with the
concept of being able to set the justification of *all* text strings. From
my perspective, to similarly have the same capability in Protel, with all
text strings, both in schematic and PCB files, would be nice. But I would
place a higher priority on providing this feature to "free" strings within
schematic components, regardless of whether it was also available to other
strings as well.

It is possible that other users might place a higher priority on being able
to set the justification of all strings (rather than just "free" strings
within schematic components).

Geoff Harland.
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