All areas -- more consistent feature set, menus, and shortcut keys across processes. 
Some examples:
1) SP6 greatly enhanced the text editor, but someone forgot to update the shortcut 
keys on the Edit menu -- they're still listing
the old Win3.x keys; fortunately the standard ones (Ctl+C,V,X,Z) all work.
2) Ctrl+Z should be Undo in all processes -- a Windows standard, and the default in 
the Text Editor.
3) Ctrl+F4 doesn't close a spreadsheet window, but it closes any other processes' 

Really close all .lib files when all design databases are closed.  (Currently, they're 
kept open and cannot be moved, renamed, etc.
without first closing the client.)

When using the 'magnifier' to move around the board, as soon as the mouse button is 
released, focus should return to the main area.
As it is, you have to click on the board before you can do, for example, Page-up or 
Page-down for zooming.

Bill of Materials report should not have to visibly open all the sheets in the 
project.  Global change and other project-wide
actions don't require this -- why should BOM?

Sch BOM report: it doesn't save the client spreadsheet automatically, but the CSV and 
'Protel format' are saved.  If you run a BOM,
then open the folder containing the XLS and view details, it displays as 0 bytes.  If 
you export this file, that's what you get -- 0
bytes.  This one could be considered a bug; it can certainly cause a fair amount of 

Better cleanup (or make less mess) around vias; there often seem to be 1 or 2 extra 
segments in and around vias; it appears this may
happen when the via has been shifted back over an existing piece of track.

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