Hi everyone
Andrew, I've just read your mail - I may have mist a couple of mails as 
well as I didn't know that Ivan is full into Cad-Hardware.
However since I've got my mail already down on paper, I may as well shoot 
it of. It may interest some others in the group.
Tim, thanks for the link to the dual AMD motherboard.
this is a rather interesting question you come up with and probalby finds 
interest by a lot of others within this group .
I couldn't give you a straight answer to this "simple" question, however 
I'm sure you'll get quite a few replies.
I may have gone passed the real subject a bit - guess everyone got their 
own ideas of picking cherries or systems.
My Dad used to say:
Sonny-boy, while you're up there picking them cherries - I 'd like to hear 
you wistle. - same rule applies  - If you don't try before you by you don't 
know how good the cherries, pardon me - the system is, performs.
Personaly, I'd like to play around,  - bare in mind, with a "supposeingly" 
good, reliable and complete system,trying my hardest to get the system down 
to its knees; doing silly things and run tests on the new machine I'm 
interested in - inspect each corner of the screen, look at the 
redraw-speed, screen-brightness, etc. etc.
Run several applications at once - get SE99 to do a DRC while you're doing 
working on something else.
Also, as many of this group can tell stories about bad hardware 
combinations -  with rather good support of this group one should be able 
to get a "good working" system, eventually - Come on - give it time - Rome 
wasn't built in a day.
Guess that's all you can do.
Hunting around for a reliable system surely will take some time, but - 
better safe than sorry.
A way to confirm and satisfy yourself, with specific hardware is certaily, 
by doing simple tests.
Ask your dealer if he'd tolerate to load protel on the machine you'd like 
to by.

On your current system -
load the biggest, most complex board and run protel-related tasks on it;
Polygong pour
Screen Redraw
Moving components
Make a note of the time required to run each test.
Sounds a bit time consuming - still, better than wasting money on hardware 
that's not doing its job, or isn't reliable.
I bet he won't mind, as he'd be interested as well.
Once loaded, run the same tests, tasks you ran on your machine.
That way you know exactly where you standing.
I'm up for a brand new system myself.
In order to check overall performance, stabillity, video-card and screen I 
will check on following tasks within the PCB_Environment.
Polygong pour, with some 0.1 or 0.15mm tracking and spacing, and a 
segment-leght of, say 0.1mm.
Picking up a large SMD-Footprint, moving it and replacing it.
Do a screen refresh, redraw.
If you don't have a big and complex board, Protel can assist you. Protel 
has got some rather big boards as Demo-boards.
To make the swett, pour a polygong, connected to "GND" over the entire 
board and also on the solderside. Note the time to do this.
Before doing this next test, write down the coordinates of the component 
that you're moving.
Find a rather big smd-device, 100 pins, or so and try to pick it up, move 
it and re-place it. - Note the time.
Bring  the component back into its origin position.
Do a screen redraw and note the time.
Do a DRC and, again note the time.

Besides your own time, this exercise doesn't cost a cent and is certainly 
worth while - and not to forget, these are the tools you want to earn your 
money with and not spending money on.

Well good luck with your new system
At 12:46 06/02/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello, all:
>I am trying to decide what video card to buy in my new PC (Athlon, DDR).  I
>would like to know what cards are stable and fast for use with 99SE and
>Win2K.  Also, I would like to know what cards to avoid.
>My local PC shop will use any card I specify, but is recommending the Elsa
>Synergy III (Nvidia chipset), a dual-port card.  Any comments on it?
>Thanks in advance for all your advice.
>Best regards,
>Ivan Baggett
>Bagotronix Inc.
>website:  http://www.bagotronix.com

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