Hi Bryan.

> I am making a multi-layer board (2 signal, 2 power)
> with 24 exact modules.

Even when you have repeated modules within a design, at the very least
component designators have to be unique.  If you're not using "Ports only
Global" or "Sheet Symbols/Port Connections" then your netnames (where
required) need to be unique also.

> Each module has an isolated power and ground as well
> as two signal nets.  (which are connected with net labels and ports)
> enabled), all of my nets are connected except for the isolated power and
> ground, and my 2 signal nets.

(ref. P130 and P135 of Protel99se Designer's Handbook)
If you're using "Net Labels and Ports Global" then all nets with the same
name will be joined.  As a preference I use "Sheet Symbols/Port Connections"
and any signals that I wish to go off the sheet I attach to a port.  I
always have a top sheet that shows the connectivity of the individual
sub-sheets.  An easy way of getting the porting info from the sub-sheets is
to have the top sheet current, select "Design | Create Symbol From Sheet" in
the schematic editor, select which sheet you wish to show on this top sheet,
then place it.  Repeat this for as many sheet as you require.  Protel gets
the porting info from the sheet you selected.  Now just connect the relevant
ports with wires and/or busses where appropriate.  Now run "Tools | Update
PCB | <Sheet Symbols/Port Connections>" and see how that goes.

> Also, each module has to be placed and wired the same way. No problem, or
> I thought. I placed the components and wired the first module; ran the DRC
> no problems. I Copied it, and pasted it (using >>EDIT>>PASTE
> ARRAY), great.... no problems so far, once I had all 24 modules placed I
> a DRC again and I get clearance and short-circuit constraints. why????

I think Abd ul-Rahman Lomax wrote a good explaination of this, however, I
think he omitted the "Paste Special | Duplicate Designator" option,
otherwise Protel will automatically assign unique numbers to all pasted

> On another note, sometimes when I run the ERC some of my symbols are
> in my schematic, i.e.
> I have a PNP transistor (2N2904 symbol labeled as a TIP125) that changes
> a different transistor symbol (taken from ????), or a LED (a created
> that changes back to the standard LED symbol (found in miscellaneous
> devices.lib) but the LED symbol does not change in all 24 modules?!?!?!?!

I have no idea, except maybe check on the libraries you have open, and
remove the standard Protel one.

Hope this helps.


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