Micky et al,

An important point here, that I just now realized: keepouts have NO EFFECT on planes!  
Whether it's a keepout at the board edge, or
around a mounting hole, the gerbers do NOT get negative-copper in those areas.  Which 
is why everyone has to run these tracks around
the edges.

I only recently did my first board with planes. After reading your post I went and 
examined my gerbers and the boards in more
detail.  I was lucky -- the fab house "automatically" kept the planes back from the 
board edge by about 30mils without asking.  (The
planes extend a bit beyond my keepout lines, but shouldn't cause any grief.)

It'd be nice if the PCB-wizard took care of this for us!


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From: Micky Blain
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 2:19 PM

Do you connect them to the nets you are putting on the plane or just have
them around the parameter. This one cost me plenty! What happened it they
decided to trim them to spec and sanded the boards down where the plane is
exposed! Scrap 500 pieces and busted my confidence in the plane rule! Protel
have a Power Plane clearance rule but it doesn't adjust the distance from
keepout. That is what I need to do is make sure the plane is 20 mils from
the keepout.

Thanks for your suggestion I and trying it as I type!

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From: Rob Malos
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 4:06 PM

          I have always placed rectangular fills around the edges of my boards
on the power planes. Protel will warn you that there are primitives on the
planes in the DRC. Check these are only the fills you intended then proceed to
generate gerbers. I have to say that I would expect a good PCB manufacturer to
ask if I intended the plane to 'hang out' the edge of the board or if I wanted
it cut back.

Rob Malos,
Cyborg Design.

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