At 01:01 PM 2/14/01 -0800, Brad Velander wrote:
>         can you be more specific in your "learning" the board? I think I
>know what you mean but I am not exactly sure there is not some other process
>that I don't know about. Do you mean generating a netlist from the existing
>board connections? Could you elaborate on the exact steps to do this?

Let me translate.

>-----Original Message-----
>Behalf Of Dennis Saputelli
>sometimes, for reasons unknown to me and at times that little or nothing
>was changed we have seen an entire working board "light up" w/ DRCs
>we then go thru the mysterious and aggravating cycle of:
>clear the nets
>learn the board (update prims)
>load the nets
>those steps are in various orders possibly differing from above
>at some point things get "good" again but sometimes not before a few
>spins through those steps

By "learn the board," he meant, as he said, executing Design/Netlist 
Manager/Menu/Update Free Primitives from Component Pads; but that is pretty 
useless when a board has been cleared, since there are no nets assigned to 
pads, nor to track in that case. He knew that but didn't want to go back 
and correct what he had written, so he simply said "orders possibly 
differing from above." I.e., load the net list before updating the primitives.

>note that during the above procedures no design rules were touched or
>any changes made other than the above steps

It may also be useful to use Tools/Reset Error Markers to clear out the 
errors; but one could also run the DRC, which automatically clears out old 
markers. Do this *after* updating the primitives.

If you've still got errors, you've got real errors or bad rules, almost 

>I would be careful that before the board is shipped you can just re-load
>the netlist without problems since "learning" the board can introduce
>unintended issues

I haven't seen this lately from Update. But it is a very good idea to 
reload the netlist before shipping off the files. If there are no macros 
created, then there are no deviations from the netlist. If there are macros 
created, you better understand exactly why they are there....

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