> Yes, I think it is the same as I had with the company - logo on the
> schematic.
> In the sheet ( or library part ) there is a link to the graphic file and
> the
> graphic itself. Your collegue has probably not the same graphic in the
> path.
> Georg

I have also had similar experiences. So what I would like to see in the next
SP or major version (depending upon whether or not it *could* be done in the
next SP) is the ability to specify a *relative* (rather than just
*absolute*) location for graphic files and/or the ability to "embed" graphic
files within DDB files (i.e. graphic files can not only be included within
the DDB file, but can also be accessed by schematic files that are also
within the same DDB file, on an "as needed" basis).


Some other items that come to mind for this thread (and which I have
intended to post for a while):

Provide new Special Strings for schematic files which print the date that
the file was last saved, and the time that the file was last saved. (At
present, the ".date" and ".time" Special Strings identify when the file was
*printed*. And for those who advocate adding *standard* strings to indicate
when the file was saved, bear it mind that it is all too easy to forget to
update the contents of these strings, and if they are *not* so updated, then
their usefulness is seriously compromised...)

The ".Printout_Name" Special String (Pcb files), provided in SP6, should
identify the name of the plotlayer within Gerber files (e.g. Top Pad Master,
Top Silkscreen, etc). (At present, it literally always prints as
".Printout_Name" within Gerber files.) Ideally, this would be the case with
Gerber files produced by *both* the CAM Manager server *and* the "old
fashioned" method, but it would be desirable to have this outcome for at
least the former (and officially favoured) of those two options.

The Pcb Process which reports distances should ideally report distances in
both imperial and metric form. (The type of measurement unit which is
currently selected would be reported first, then the other type of
measurement unit. At present, the latter distance is not reported at all by
this process.)

The Query Server, invoked from the Pcb Server, should store and retrieve
data from a file that is distinct for each different major version of
Protel. (Protel 98, 99, and 99 SE all use the *same* QryFile.qry file,
whereas most (/all?) other files used by these versions are distinct, e.g.
CLIENT98.raf, CLIENT99.raf, and CLIENT99SE.raf.) And the abilities of the
Query Server should be enhanced so that, for example, users could specify a
search for all pads that are of an Unplated nature (not possible at

Unless this has occurred already (and I am unaware of it), fix the Paste
Array command, so that it matches the ability of this command in AdvPcb 2.8,
in which users could "roll their own" footprints of a two-dimensional array
nature, e.g. a BGA (Ball Grid Array). If you start off with one pad with a
designator/name of "A1", you can create a one-dimensional array with an
increment of either "1", so creating pads with designators of "A2", "A3",
etc, or an increment of "A", so creating pads with designators of "B1",
"C1", etc. However, if you use that one-dimensional array of pads to then
attempt to create a two-dimensional array, that *did* work in AdvPcb 2.8,
but as far as I am aware, it has not worked since. :(   (The additional pads
themselves are created OK, but the increment part of the procedure bombs out
in post 2.8 versions, as the new pads do not have the desired designators
assigned to them.)

Provide a free, or otherwise very cheap, utility (or hobbled version of
Protel) which permits users to view and print schematic and PCB files
(created using the standard version of Protel). (Another recent post
commented on Protel devoting some time to Pcad; after visiting the Pcad
Website, it seems as though Pcad 2001 was released on Monday just passed (12
Feb 2001). And it looks as though that round about the same time, a free
Pcad viewing utility was also released, permitting users to view and print
files created by the standard version of Pcad.)

It needs a post of its own (and the time to put together the associated
text), but fix the shortcomings of the CAM Manager Server. In fairness to
Protel, there have been some improvements made to this Server already.
However, there are some areas in which yet more work is still highly
desirable. *One* item (out of a number of these) needing attention is that
octagonal pads with identical width and height are currently "flashed" in
Gerber files with a *round* (circular) aperture *unless* the angle of (the
pad's) rotation is zero degrees or 360 degrees. (How embedded aperture
definitions (within Gerber files) for octagonal apertures are defined is a
*distinct* issue, and is something else that I have also commented on from
time to time. On this matter, take a look at how the Camtastic previewing
utility, now owned by Protel itself, interprets octagonal apertures. And
GC-Prevue also concurs with Camtastic on this matter.)

Geoff Harland.
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