hey, "rookie" isn't a pejorative, in sports they are the team's future
I did not intend to insult or demean you, sorry if it came off that way

besides, my main point as stated was that the board shop did not handle
this situation well
they should have advised you and/or fixed it properly, not increase the
board size!

I remember on one of my first double sided bds (pre-cad) I drove the
tape up to the board shop and they asked me for the drill chart
I asked them what that was and they said they wanted to know what sizes
to drill the holes
I told them "you know, resistors and ICs and stuff like that"
they made the board fine by guessing from the pad sizes
(since then I've become something of a hole size fanatic)

on the other side I once had a shop put a board on hold for a week
because the fab print said 8.000" but they said the board Gerbers
measured 7.999"
I pointed out that they have a 5 mil outside routing tolerance, but they
responded that they were ISO-9000 and needed a written sign-off for the

Unfortunately, I fear this is where we are headed, more nonsense and
less service.

Dennis Saputelli

Micky Blain wrote:
> Sorry for the reply, I need to show more self control in this matter.
> You are 100% correct it is a rookie mistake!
> I have already read one person that checked their design. Because of the
> willingness of an old dog to admit this ROOKIE mistake! So if that person
> saved some money and time I can eat the ego trip!
> In the Future Dennis, please restrain from categorizing the persons level of
> experience in your replies. These type of statements may cause someone to be
> reluctant to post their mistakes.
> I was only trying to help other people take notice to my problem. The board
> was fine it is a person that didn't consult us before they hand sanded all
> board to bring them into spec. The board house increased the size to
> accommodate the plane. I am working with a FAB that I was not at all
> familiar with and hence the problem snow balled on me.
> I didn't get a chance to read all the biggest mistakes posted lately but I
> am confident your never made one!
> this is a rookie mistake, BUT the board shop should have advised you
> and/or just cut the plane back from the edges
> this S.O.P.
> don't forget that the plane is a negative, wherever there is nothing
> there is copper, you draw non-copper
> so the clearance rule doesn't really apply unless you would have them
> auotroute some primitives relative to the keep out, which of course
> would probably make a mess
> Dennis Saputelli

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