I was reminded again today of the old Tango complete route command. It was 
assigned to the forward slash key and it would interrupt the current route 
and reduce the display rat's nest connection line to track. It really 
shined when it came to doing gridded design with round off-grid pads. You 
could make a pad entry that was perfect with a single keystroke.

As it is, with Protel, I need to complete the route, which would often be 
two segments if I have a routing mode turned on (i.e., 45/90), and then I 
will use Move Endpoint to back up the last junction to the next to the last 

Compare that to the single keystroke once when has come within appropriate 
range of the pad.

This would be a fairly large timesaver compared to the difficulty of 
programming it....

We could do this now by making a macro that will change the routing mode to 
any-angle, and presumably, one to change it back. But that is still a lot 
more keystrokes than that single slash that did the trick. (It also dropped 
one out of place track mode at the same time since, by definition, it was 
completing a route and usually one would not want to go on.)
Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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