Hi all,

I'm trying to document the schematics of a recent PCB project in Microsoft
Word 97.  I chose Word because everyone in our organisation can read them
providing I don't embed special objects like AutoCAD drawings or Corel Draw
diagrams into the documents.

So I thought I'd try to cut and paste the schematics from Protel 99SE (with
both SP5 and SP6) as a Metafile object (assuming everyone could view these
This worked initially...sort of !  Provided I did a Paste Special and chose
ordinary metafile and not enhanced metafile, things didn't look too bad.
Only a few errors like the  occasional missing inversion dots on components,
and the dreaded inversion bar on pin and net names moving about the place.
Similar but different things happen when pasting into Corel Draw also.

Double clicking the image in the Word document though is a worse idea.  Word
invokes it's graphics editor and things immediately go wrong.  Wires
disappear, text moves all over the place, odd parts of the circuit are
grouped together, etc, etc.
Someone doesn't seem to be sticking to the Metafile structure rules.
Who do I blame and can I fix the problem?  Is this a Microsoft, Corel, or
Protel problem?

I'm reluctant to embed DXF, EPS postscript, or PDF images into Word for
compatibility reasons, or bitmap images for print quality and file size
How do other people get round this problem?

Mark Harrison
The Bionic Ear Institute
Melbourne, Australia

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