At 08:48 AM 2/13/01 -0600, Micky Blain wrote:
>Sorry for the reply, I need to show more self control in this matter.
>You are 100% correct it is a rookie mistake!

It certainly was. However, no criticism of persons was intended by Mr. 
Saputelli, I am sure. We've all been rookies at one time or another. I'm a 
perpetual rookie myself....

>In the Future Dennis, please restrain from categorizing the persons level of
>experience in your replies. These type of statements may cause someone to be
>reluctant to post their mistakes.

I certainly hope not. However, Mr. Blain seems to have suffered from some 
hypersensitivity here. No categorization of Mr. Blain's level of experience 
was made by Mr. (Dennis) Saputelli. He wrote that the error was one that 
rookies make. Experts sometimes make rookie mistakes. He said nothing 
beyond that.

Mr. Blain realized that he was in error to respond with such sarcasm, but 
he still attempts to justify it, and then he repeats it. Time for a break, 
or perhaps a vacation! Or at least, save an outgoing message that seems to 
have steam coming from it and re-read it a bit later before committing it 
to a worldwide audience. If one of us deserves a blast, little harm will be 
done by delaying it a few minutes or an hour.

We all learn from each other's mistakes.

However, perhaps Mr. Saputelli will note that, indeed, his choice of words 
might arouse tender sensitivities even without intent. Perhaps "dumb" 
mistake would have been better. :-) just kidding....

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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