From: Douglas Jensen

I recently forwarded this message to Protel, but will probably have better
luck with you folks.  Anyone else seen this and know what to do about it?

Two of us continually have message boxes informing us that we are running
multiple copies of the same license.  We have several (about 5) machines
here all on a network for file sharing, but we all use individual unlocking
codes - i.e. we do NOT use the 'floating license concept'.  No machine uses
anyone elses codes.  We are all running 99SE, most of us are running SP6.

I confirmed the following yesterday:  On my machine (call it machine A), I
verified that there machine A's unique code was the ONLY unlock code
present in each of the 5 categories of servers (schematic, PCB, PLD, route,
and SIM).  On another machine (machine B), I verified that machine B had
ONLY machine B's codes present in  these places.

I quit 99SE on machine A and machine B.  I launched 99SE on both machines
and verified (again) the above information.  I then started using machine A
normally, while another person was working with machine B.

In the middle of working with PCB (I may have been flipping between PCB and
route at the time), I got the multiple license message again.  I then
checked all the codes above, and instead of having my original codes that
should have been for machine A, there was exactly one entry for each of the
5 servers - but it was the code for machine B!

For some reason, my machine is going out to machine B and finding those
codes and replacing them on machine A.  (and the reverse is also true -
machine B winds up with machine A's license codes.)  The other machines on
the network appear to not be having this problem.

This particular problem happens under (at least) the following combinations
of service packs (and may be present in others - I just did not test them

Machine A: SP2      Machine B: SP2
Machine A: SP5      Machine B: SP2
Machine A: SP6PR    Machine B: SP2
Machine A: SP6      Machine B: SP2
Machine A: SP6      Machine B: SP6

I have noticed that the 'receive' and 'broadcast' buttons are no longer
present in the unlock screen - could this be part of what's happening
(again, we operated with neither button 'enabled').  What is the default
operation of license codes in 99SE - SP6?

We have been fighting this probem for months now and need to get it solved:
It halts unattended autoroute sessions with the message box, preventing
work from getting done.

Thanks for the help,

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