I have tried closing the files in all of the ways listed below.  It closes them all so there are no projects on the screen.  Then the next time I start Protel it automatically loads three projects.  How can I get it to stop loading htose projects?

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When I start Protel 99SE SP6 it brings up the last project I was working
on.  If I click on window I can also see two other projects that it has
loaded that I am not working on.  This takes up a lot of memory and
added time with the automatic backups.  To deal with this each time I
start Protel I go to all of the unwanted windows and close them.  I have
not been able to figure out how to get it to not load them at all.  I'm
sure there is some simple way.

Two ways:

1) (preferred) Before you close Protel, close the databases individually via <
File> <close Design>. It also helps in load times if, before you close a DDB,
you close the invdividual sheets within it. Right click on the tabs at the
top and select Close All.

2) There is a windows key, I think ctrl or alt, which, if held during
startup, prevents the any app from reloading whatever documents were open
when it was closed.

Steve Hendrix

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