After spending a fair amount of time tracking the problem down I finally 
traced it to some kind of interaction with an Epson Stylus Color 800 
printer driver for Win2K.  I want to add that Lavier was VERY helpful in 
working on trying to track this problem down.

The printer/driver had been working fine up until the time I installed 
ViewMate.  Hard to tell exactly what is causing the problem, but I've been 
able to repeat it, and deleting the Epson printer causes Protel to work 
again, just can't print to the Color printer from that machine but I can 
still print to the Laser printer so that works, and I can use a different 
machine to print in Color when I need to.

So it appears that while installing ViewMate was the trigger for this 
problem that the real culprit is the Epson driver and/or some interaction 
with Protel's Schematic Editor.  Note that while it would exception out 
when trying to print you didn't need to access the printer to have it 
choke.  Some cases just loading the DDB with SCH files in it would be 
enough.  Probably it parses, finds the printer and attempts to talk to it 
while loading for some reason (pure conjecture).

So, if you wind up having some weird exceptions from Protel you might want 
to tuck this information away and try deleting your printer driver(s) as a 
test to see if it corrects the problem.

Burt Bicksler

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