Funny - those are the default primitives I WAS able to make work!  I can
turn the default status of each Part Field Hide box on and off, and it works
just like you would expect.  It's when I start trying to alter the Part
default values, especially Hidden Fields and Field Names, that I have
problems. This is using 99SE and sp6.

Mike Crist
Newport Corp.

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Has anyone actually made this work as I have been trying for the last 5
years and have looked in the .dft file and this change makes no
difference the next time the program is loaded.  I have tried all kinds
of tricks to make it work correctly but it seems it is a recurrent bug.
Some other fields in the default primitives work.  When I created my
library  I used Part Field Name 1 for the text to appear on the schematic
(as the library fields are not displayable on the schematic - future
improvement potential!) and I wanted the text to be basically just the
value or brief IC part number.  Things have got worse with 99SE as the
default for Part Field 1 Text is now * and it cannot be set to blank or
hidden so I have to turn it off each time.  The default primitive were a
good idea that has been poorly implemented, I am afraid, perhaps SP7???.
I am re-configuring my library to work around the bug.

Good luck, Hugh.

Drew Lundsten wrote:

> Is there a way (a .ini or other setting) to have e.g. Part Field 1
> always be shown/not hidden? We use these fields for internal part
> numbers, stuffing options and some other information and it would be
> nice if Protel could show them by default rather than doing the
> uncheck-hidden-fields, unhide-part-field, recheck-hidden-fields mouse
> dance for each and every part.
> Thanks in advance,
> Drew

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