I can feel for your pain brother, what a ridiculous bureaucratic
nightmare. Obviously this one engineer caused you endless grief and pain,
did any of the other engineers ever do a study on the Component Authority
and show how he was costing the company L40,000 per component approval? One
must remember to use the same tools that management uses against us to show
where your problems are crimping development and especially delaying
development schedules. You know, use the old product cycle curve to show
that two weeks delay will result in a loss of 1+ million pounds over the
life of the product? Possibly you could obsolete your Component Authority
shortly after he had got himself set-up in the position and you had time to
gather a few real examples to demonstrate your beef against the process.
        You will note that in my explanation I did not specify a singular
librarian or component CAD designer. Where possible this should be a shared
responsibility, possibly with a senior designer acting as a quick check
point before the components are released upon the world. The senior designer
would also act to determine who was qualified/unqualified to create new
components in the first place. The tertiary function of the this senior
designer would be to see that all of the staff received suitable training on
the creation of CAD library components so that the individuals are qualified
to create their own component requirements within the company guidelines or
requirements. I am a firm believer in empowerment, not officious management.


Brad Velander
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Sounds great and how can any engineer regardless of "diversity of
cultures" complain about finding all parts in one library ready checked and

Let me tell you my experience as a contract (circuit/software) design
engineer in a company that took your rule a little further. 

Working on a large project (and I mean large) some young aspiring engineer
come up with statistics showing that each different component used in the
project was going to cost the company around L20,000 in overheads
associated with buying stocking and maintaining spares. Compared to a
previous project if engineers just used a little more commonality the
company would save millions. 

That engineer was appointed the project component authority and a project
part database and CAD libraries were set up. 

To use a component in your design which was not already in the approved
database required you to fill out a request form with written justification
of your need to use that component and proof that no other existing
component could be substituted. The request was passed on to the project
component engineer who checked and reported on availability and obtained
data sheets for the project library. The request was then passed on to the
component authority who had to approve the request. This often resulted in
a simple NO and you try again or eventually have  a meeting where you had
to verbally argue your request and were sometimes asked to go talk to other
project engineers to see if an approved component they were using could be
replaced by something else which both of you could use. Approved components
then got passed on to the CAD library manager to be added to his list
awaiting symbol and footprint creation. I don't think this process ever
happened in less than a week and if anyone in the chain was sick or on
holiday or off site the process stalled till they got back. 

The component authority maintained an overall project component type count
which was obviously calibrated in management brownie points he would get
for saving the company all this notional money. 


Cheers, Terry.

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