> I can customize the way a power object appears while in the tool-bar (by
> editing the .BMP), but my custom bitmap doesn't appear when I try to place
> the power object. The default Protel power object is placed.
> The only thing it appears we can edit is the color of power objects.
> This is disappointing because I would like to make the Power Ground symbol
> a little smaller.
> I'd like to officially add this to the list of enhancements Protel should
> make. (i.e. Being able to edit Power Objects graphically.)
> I have a list of improvements that I will submit, once I've gone through
> the rest of my emails, to avoid duplication.
> Mark Geddes

Bear in mind that there are a number of different *styles* of Power Objects,
and in that regard, you can choose not only the colour of each Power Object,
but its Style (and associated location, orientation and net) as well.

That said, I appreciate what you are saying: that you would like to have the
ability to define your own Style(s) for Power Objects. From time to time, I
have also thought that this would be a nice enhancement, but it is not an
aspect which I would regard as being of high priority to implement. But I am
just one user, and yet others might place a higher priority on such a
feature being provided. (Does anyone still have plans to organise an
user-poll of which features/enhancements/bug-fixes should be provided?)

I have made a number of suggestions to this thread in the past, and reserve
the right to post yet more. :) Here are a few more for the time being:

- (PCB Server) Provide the user with the capability to pair adjacent
Mechanical layers as desired. That is, the user can choose whether or not to
pair Mech 1 and Mech 2, whether or not to pair Mech 3 and Mech 4, ... , and
whether or not to pair Mech 15 and Mech 16. Depending upon what the user has
selected, there will be no pairs of Mech layers, or one pair of Mech layers,
... , or eight pairs of Mech layers. When two such layers are paired to one
another, an item on one of these layers is shifted to its paired layer when
the item is moved from one side of the PCB to the other (either as a "free"
primitive or as part of some "composite" item, such as a component, polygon,
co-ordinate, dimension, etc). Such "pairing" would thus be similar to the
"hard-wired" pairing of the Solder Mask, Paste Mask, Overlay, and external
copper/signal layers. (This concept has been discussed in previous posts to
this forum.)

- (Schematic Server) To cater for the situation where a Project uses
different sizes and/or orientations of sheets for different schematic files,
provide enhanced capability re configuring print jobs. The user should be
able to define the Margins, Scale, "Scale to fit page" option, and printer
orientation (portrait or landscape) to be used for *each* possible sheet
size *and* orientation (and it would not necessarily be devoid of merit to
*also* permit the user to select which printer driver and paper source
should be used for each sheet size and orientation). Although this would not
be an issue when someone *always* uses the same sheet size and orientation,
e.g. A3 size with landscape orientation, printing schematic sheets is
typically currently a pain whenever that is *not* the case.

- (Pcb and Schematic Servers) Although there are obvious differences in the
natures and purposes of these Servers, Protel should still attempt to make
as many aspects of these as common/similar in nature as is possible. One
example: grid type (dots or lines) is a system setting for the Schematic
Server, but a file setting for the Pcb Server. The "slide" feature of the
Pcb Server (using the right mouse button to change the current view of the
Pcb file) has not been provided for the Schematic Server. And so on...

Geoff Harland.
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