The thread on resizing fills got me thinking...

Here are some other mouse characteristics that can be handy to know.

To manipulate vias and tracks while maintaining connected track connections
(dragging endpoints), you click once to focus, click again to manipulate.
On vias there is not much you can do, but on tracks, you can move endpoints,
or break track (into two segments) depending on the handles clicked, or move
the entire segment with the other connected segments being dragged with the
endpoints if you click between the handles.  Fills can have corners moved,
sides moved, or fill rotated depending on which handle is clicked, or move
entire fill if clicked between handles, but unfortunately can only be
rectangles.  Polygon planes behave completely differently, requiring
edit-polygon planes to be invoked before any handles show up to click, but
if you click and hold on the polygon, you can move it as a whole.

However, did you know that a ctrl-click can modify this behavior?  Say you
want to move a lot vias while maintaining the track connections (dragging
the track endpoints with the via), you would have to: click via 1, wait to
focus, click again to move, click via 2, wait to focus, click again to move,
etc.  To speed this up, you can ctrl-click on the via, and it is already in
this mode (unfocused), saving not only one click, but the wait after the
click for focus to occur for each via.  Similarly, ctrl-click on a track
also saves an extra click, allowing movement of the track while dragging the
endpoints of connected tracks, as well as dragging endpoints with connected
tracks if you ctrl-click where the endpoint handle would be.  Breaking track
might be possible, but it would be pretty hard without seeing where the
center handle would be.  Unfortunately, I have found no effect with fills,
it is the same as click-and-hold move.  Same with polygon planes.

Anybody else know of other handy characteristics that might not be so
commonly known?

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