Some more items to add to this thread:

- (Pcb Server): Add support for the text strings within Coordinate and
Dimension items to be in a mirrored state. This would support such
Coordinate and Dimension items being produced in an unmirrored state within
printouts being produced in a mirrored state, e.g. "real world" printouts of
items located on the bottom side of a PCB.

- (Pcb Server): Add support for Co-ordinate items to have an orientation
angle. As a minimum, support orientation angles of 0 (/360) degrees, 90
degrees, 180 degrees, and 270 degrees, but otherwise, support orientation
angles of *any* value.

- (Pcb Server): Add support for *resizing* of a currently-focused fill
primitive using the *mouse*. That is, if you click on an edge or corner of a
currently-focused fill, then you can change the location of that (by
"dragging" it with the mouse) (rather then repositioning the entire fill,
without changing its overall width or height, which is the current
behaviour). If you want to reposition the fill (current behaviour), then
click on the *centre* of this (and then drag it).

Just a suggestion: even if you don't respond when you agree with any
suggestions made (either by others or by myself), do so if you see possible
downsides to these. For example, does anyone have reservations about my last
suggestion above, concerning the (mouse) resizing of fills?

Geoff Harland.
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