Someone recently was complaining about the positioning of text which is
part of a schematic symbol. 

There has been a long standing (forever?) bug in schematic where text
labels in schematic symbols change after saving and re-loading the file. 

This just bit me again and I looked into it a bit more. 

The problem is the font used in the schematic symbol is not saved in the
schematic sheet. 

In the ASCII save format of schematic sheets (and I presume the binary
format is the same) there is a used font list at the beginning. All fonts
used within the schematic are defined as an index into this list. 

Fonts used only in schematic symbols are not being added to this list and
when the schematic is saved (or perhaps when loaded) any 'out of bounds'
font is silently replaced by the first font in the list. 

A work-around is to place a text annotation on the sheet using the same
font face, style, and size as used in the symbol. Just a single space is
enough to put the required font in the list.

A remaining problem is X and Y mirroring of components with text labels. 

X mirroring does not mirror the font (which is probably desirable) but the
font coordinate relative to the component origin needs to be translated and

Y mirroring does actually rotate the font 180 (which may or may not be
desirable) but again the coordinate needs translating and isn't.

Cheers, Terry.

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