Jim wrote:
> Sometimes you have to do the dance to make them feel good and rely
> on the years YOU bring to the project.

Thats the whole point of salesmans-ship..Rule 1:  even if the customer is
wrong.   Make them think they are right.   Good point.

Abdul wrote:
>Send 'em my way.... :-)<
I have referreed the same customers to one of my local associates  and he
besically got the same response / indications I received.   Rule 2: You
can't please everyone.

>Of course. But I strongly discourage face-to-face meetings with clients. <
I see no purpose to holding these meetings either if the data I require is
provided.  Actually I  have many customers that we never have met.  But
there are many that insist on seeing me.  Sometimes first time customers
want to "interview" you.  And I suit up like an interview.    One cusotmer
of french origin has grown fond of me, we are freinds, so if he says we have
a meeting for his new project....I ask what time.  I have to be flexible and
bit my tounge.

>When work has been slow, I've done intensive selling, a lot of
cold-calling, etc. <
The old addage: "out of site, out of mind"   I found that making a personal
apperance once in while goes along way towards generating new work.  As and
independant, my work load corresponded to my abity to go out there and get
some marketing done.  I can market for two weeks, pull enough business to
last me 3 months.   Because I would be burried in design work for 3 months,
little work would be lined up at the end to the 3 month feast. My feast/
famine cycles were predictable on 3 month cycles.   I either needed a full
time marketing person or full time designer so that I can do nothing but
market.   I tried to balance 25 percent of my weekly time to marketing but
it interfeered with my abilty to deliver on time.  The trials of being in

My board has been routing since yesterday afternoon, it is Sun AM and I am
starring at the possiblity of a new layout to get this thing to route

Later guys,

Mike Reagan

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