While it is counter-intuitive, the P99SE (and prior versions, I haven't 
checked) optimum setting for polygon pour grid is 0. When the grid is set 
to 0, PCB packs track with efficiency, it does not get lost in a loop. 
Thanks to the programmer who tested for zero and actually did something 
useful with it. And this should definitely be in the manual.... But it 
would be better if the polygon dialog included a note that a setting of 
zero will cause the track width to be used for pour grid. Note that 
sometimes filled polygons with grid set to track width will appear in the 
display as having one-pixel-wide gaps. These are not present in the gerber.

and now I continue outside the subject shown above, for those who would 
like to bail immediately.

At 10:53 AM 3/24/01 +1100, Ian Wilson wrote:
>So I do not incur the wrath of the Forum Admin I put in this P99SE snippet:

Very funny, Mr. Wilson. :-)
I should have thought of that....

Another comment: I was informed at the Conference that the Protel Product 
Manager (Mr. Loughhead) had a very extensive list of suggestions made for 
improvement of the product, compiled by careful reading of this list. We 
have seen this kind of responsiveness in the past, and I'm confident 
history will repeat itself. Now is a good time to think of a few 
suggestions for improvement (A long list may, because of length, not be 
read as thoroughly, so write, preferably, just the ones you think would be 
most important). If they are posted here, other users will comment, but it 
might be possible to forward them through [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I prefer discussion here because my experience is that sometimes a very 
good suggestion hits a reader wrong on its face and its implications may 
not be thoroughly understood. If a discussion ensues, the reader's 
understanding is likely to be better. And we may get a better program out 
of the deal.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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