> Not sure if anyone brought this up yet or not... I didn't see it while
> skimming the other messages.
> If you are needing odd shaped pads for surface mount, you should be able
> to use a combination of multiple pads to create the shape you want.
> Colby Siemer

Actually, I did refer to that method in a message that I posted. However, it
is perhaps not too surprising that you didn't pick up on that, because the
message concerned was not short, and started off with material on octagonal
pads (another aspect which came up during part of this thread).

However, I will repeat here what I also mentioned in that previous posting,
concerning the designators assigned to the additional pads. It has long been
my policy for each pad within a component to have its own, i.e. unique,
designator. In past times, Protel did not handle non-unique designators at
all well, and you could expect to encounter problems if you attempted to
autoroute a PCB using either the Cooper and Chyan package or Protel's then
separate Neurocad package. Those problems were avoided by the use of unique
designators (for the pads).

Protel is supposed to be working on supporting pads with non-unique
designators. But postings to this forum suggest that there are still
outstanding problems in this regard. So I will continue using unique
designators for all pads (within each component) for at least as long as it
takes for Protel to iron out all the outstanding problems.

Geoff Harland.
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