I have not contacted Protel regarding this problem because I have been
running SP6 since it first came out and I have been running 99SE on W2K
since I started using Protel. This is the first time I encountered the
problem, I wanted to rule out the possibility it I was the cause of the
problem. That's why before I posted the problem I reinstalled Protel and SP6
to rule myself out, then contact the group to make sure I was not the only
one experiencing the problem.
Nothing like telling Protel you have a possible bug, and there reply, read
the owners manual, most likely user error.


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On 01:20 PM 3/26/01 -0600, Ted Tontis said:
>         I am running Protel 99SE SPK6 on W2K. After closing Protel down
>open another application that takes up a large amount of memory, I get a
>memory error.  This is the first time I opened the task manager to see what
>was eating all the memory. I found Protel was still sucking memory even
>though it was closed.

It was not, in fact closed, but had crashed. This actually happens quite 
often with Protel, at least under W95, NT4, and Win2k. I run into to it 
frequently, and I suspect that many others do, though I also suspect that 
they have no idea that it's happening most of the time.
The program is choking on exit. IMO, it's just more of Delphi's 
questionable memory management (spelled: heap fragmentation errors galore) 
scheme at work, showing off it's prowess at causing problems. I know of 
only one other applications in my experience which shows the same 
proclivity towards these errors, and it is also written in...you guessed 
it...Delphi. "Programmers like it!" is not the same thing as "stable" or 
"dependable" or "enjoyed by the end-user". Hmm.. that one ought'a generate 
a few snarling flames...<g>

In terms of the immediate reoccurrence of this problem (which indeed I do 
NOT experience with any regularity), have you contacted Protel directly on 
the issue yet? If not, do so now.

!!!!! But first...

On the chance that this problem has already been addressed by Protel, which 
service pack is your system operating under? I hope I am about to read 
"SP6, of course!"


Andrew J Jenkins. NCMR @ NASA-GRC

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