At 07:58 PM 3/25/01 -0500, matt wrote:
>     Another separate question is , can the 99se demo be reinstalled to
>evaluate sp6 , which may make management change their minds and go for the
>new version ?

I'm not sure about this, if it is the same workstation. The demo is a bit 
picky, we have seen in the past, about reinstalls, modification of the 
system clock, etc. Of course, the demo can obviously be installed on 
another computer. Or on the "same" computer with a clean hard drive 
installed (and the operating system loaded) for the purpose.

But if the company did not want to go for SP5, I'd be a bit doubtful that 
they would go for SP6. While there are some welcome changes in SP6, I can't 
think of them as being make-or-break. There *are* some changes coming, we 
believe, which will be much more important; I expect they will be issued as 
a 99SE service pack before we go on to Protel 2001 or whatever it will be 

Matt also wrote:
>I believe it was also patched with service pack 5
>(initially with sp3 which was on the installation disk, then with sp5
>downloaded from protel)  . There were some issues with it that are not the
>point of my post now, and the company decided to not buy 99se and stick with
>v3 for now.

It would certainly be interesting to know what the "issues" were. It is 
common that such concerns are based on not understanding how P99SE works. 
The issues might evaporate if they were raised here.

If the company only occasionally does PCB design and is only using v. 3 to 
draw schematics, then the decision to stay with 3 is quite understandable. 
There have been few changes in the schematic area, considered by itself.

However, once PCB design comes into the picture, for more than a few small 
boards per year, the productivity gains are tremendous. I wouldn't want to 
go back to Protel 98, much less v. 3.

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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