The only other thing I tried to do was put a square keepout around the board
and try to place a polygon plane on the outside of the board. I couldn't get
it to work right. This is not a round board, it has three arcs both + and -,
and I chose to use Arc Any Angle. I do not know if this has a different
effect then using place an arc.


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Ted Tontis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 2001-03-27 09:21:49 AM noted:
>I have a design that has arc's in the keepout, and noticed that
>Protel will not recognize it exists. The only thing I can do is put
>temporary traces around the edge of the board and remove them after I am
>done with the design or auto router.
>    Does anyone have a better idea

Sounds like a bug.
I have a circular board, and my circular keepout blocks polygon pours just
Is the bug just in the autorouter, or does it also affect manual routing ?

Just a work-around until Protel fixes this bug: Put temporary keep-out
``traces'' (a bunch of short, straight lines that approximate the curve)
the edge of the board, and leave them there.
Click the "KeepOutLayer" tab near the bottom of the screen,
then " P (Place) T (Interactive Routing) ", click on one end of the curve,
Ctrl+Spacebar until you get the straight-line mode, then click click click
on a
few points along the curve; after you hit the end, "Esc Esc". I've been told
that early versions of Autocad couldn't draw true circles -- it drew 32
polygons instead -- but most people never noticed that the "circles" weren't
true circles.

Have you played with layer-specific keepouts ? For example, pick the
"BottomLayer" tab and use "P (Place) K (Keepout) T (track)" -- those tracks
block stuff on the bottom layer, but let stuff on the top layer through.

David Cary

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