Dear Abdl,

Like you I recongnise the need to chose the right tools. However MOST
engineers don't have a choice in the EDA tools the use, having been selected
by someone else and a company with lots of investment in a certain tool is
not always keen to simly dump a tool for a better one.

However, in my case and for the firt time ever, I was responsible for
finding a new EDA tool for the company, to replace an existing older system.
I spent some time trying various different tools, looking at cost and
performance. Protel came out tops, it did all that ORCAD, it's nearest
rival, did and was cheeper! I was reallly pleased to find such a good EDA
tool at a good price. However it is not easy to find all the bugs (sorry
un-documented or un-implented features) in a 30 day period when you have a
bunch of other EDAs to review aswell. I am not so nieve to think that there
is an EDA tool out there without some 'bugs' and I realise that test and
de-bugging cost time and money. I am just a little frustrated at the number
of bugs that are being found by myself and my co-workers who use this tool
since we really started to use it. On balance I still stand by my choice.
Yesterday I had just too much crap coming my way because of Protel.

In regard to my problem, I have copied all our engineers with a copy of
Company templates database and the requisit company logo graphic and told
them to place it in the system directory in its own template directory. This
means that whenever and wherever a database is opened it looks for the
template and graphic and finds them where it expects to since all the
machines have the same set-up.

Problem solved.


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>Why is it that when I create a template with a company logo graphic and use
>it for a schematic and then, when I send the databas to another person, the
>graphic image is no longer on the schematic? I have loaded a copy of the
>graphic image into the DB but I can't make the browser point at stuff
>the DB, only outside it.
>Anyone know what the problem is? anyone know what can be done to solve it?
>The more I use this product the less satisfied I am with it. It's a bit

Perhaps, but more often it is we who are half-baked.

In this case Protel does not embed the graphics into the file, and it does 
not look for a file in the database when placing the graphic. I'd agree 
that it should do the second of these, but this is a missing feature, not a 
bug, per se. Send the logo graphic separately.

The database format is new and it looks like the routines to look inside a 
database for a graphics file are simply not there. Since this has been 
brought up before, perhaps we will see this in an upcoming service pack. 
(If it hasn't already been fixed, I did not check, and the writer did not 
say what SP level he has installed.)

Protel has a choice of one of two things: it can spend the time and money 
to make sure that everything is perfect before releasing the product, or it 
can release it with something short of perfection (i.e., with undiscovered 
problems that are not found in beta-test or that would take too long to 
fix). I'm glad that they chose the second option, because if they had 
chosen the first, the product would either have an astronomical price, or, 
more likely, it simply would not exist since the company would have gone 
bankrupt long ago.

I'm a craftsman; when something goes wrong, I don't blame my tools. It's my 
responsibility to choose tools adequate for the job, and to learn how to 
use them, including all their quirks and foibles. And every tool has these.

If Protel were not readily and easily usable for accomplishing its purpose, 
that would be a different matter; but, then again, none of us would be 
keeping the software beyond the 90-day free return period. What I see is 
that it is very difficult to find copies of Protel products for resale: 
people hold on to them tightly. The other major CAD companies do not allow 
resale. What does that tell you?

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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