Hi Abdul,

I found an intresting solution to this. I'm not sure what to think of it.

I discovered that  another sheet in the schematic was ok when I tried to
annotate it. I found if I renamed the sheet that caused the problem and
tried to annotate, the exception error didn't occur. So we copied the
circuit, created a new blank sheet, pasted in the circuit and deleted the
old one and it then it all worked. So make of that what you will. I can't
send the file to Protel 'cause it aint broke no more'. Bit of a wierd
problem and fix don't you think?


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At 11:58 AM 4/4/01 +0100, Coleman, Tim wrote:

>I got a problem with Protel crapping out with an exception error when I go
>to annotate a schematic diagram. I have tried repairing the database which
>has no effect.
>I am running  99SE with sp6 on NT4.

There may be someone here who has had this problem, but this is the kind of 
situation where contact with Protel support can be really useful. If there 
is not a known issue around this, Protel will probably want to see the 
file; files which reliably cause an exception error are valuable tools for 
finding and fixing the problem.

It is possible to chunk the schematic, as previously described on this 
list. In short, this means cutting the schematic into 2 pieces to find 
which one causes the error, if indeed the error still exists in one but not 
both of the pieces. Then that piece can again be divided, etc.

If this is a complex hierarchy, things get more interesting, because 
chunking may break an error caused by one piece interacting with another. 
In that case adding back in pieces or sheets may uncover the problem.

If the error exists in both, then one should attempt an annotation with a 
known good schematic. If there is still a problem, reinstall Protel. In 
fact, do this test annotation first, before anything else....

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