> At 10:58 AM 4/5/01 +0200, Joop Reekers wrote:
> >In Schematic it is harmless to mirror a part and text is staying close to
> >the part, unmirrored.
> >That seems to be OK to me, because I don't want mirrored text in my
> >diagrams.
> That much is agreed. However, there is still a problem, a little different
> than that posed in this thread. If one places text in a symbol, when the
> symbol is rotated the effective text position changes, because the text is
> moved and rotated around its reference point, which is the lower left for
> horizontal text.


> Because of the way that text primitives are stored in the database, to
> properly rotate text that is going to stay upright-reading, the reference
> point must be shifted to what was the relative position of the *end* of
> text instead of remaining where the beginning was.
> Obviously, this is not high on my wish list. But it is irritating when one
> tries to put text into parts that may be rotated.
> It's been some time since I worked with this and I might have it all
> confused and don't have time to check....
> Abdulrahman Lomax

I have also commented on this previously. When doing so, I have typically
referred to my past experience with using Autocad and Pcad, which each
support text strings having left, right, or centre justification. (Pcad also
supports text strings having either top, centre, or bottom justification.)
As I see it, it would be nice if both Schematic and PCB files supported text
strings with centre and right justification, in addition to the existing
left justification. But such a feature is not especially high on my wish
list either. However, given a choice as to which files did support this
enhancement, I would opt for schematic files supporting this, so that when
parts are mirrored, text strings (within parts) that were previously left
justified become right justified, and vice versa (while text strings with
centre justification change neither location nor justification).

The text strings of *names* (as opposed to *numbers*) assigned to pins
within parts have a "hard-wired" justification: when the pin is on the left
hand side of a component, this text string has left-justification; when the
pin is on the right hand side of a component, this text string has
right-justification. When a part is placed in a schematic file and then
mirrored, these justifications toggle as well; that is desirable behaviour
in the circumstances.

However, it would be nice if *other* text strings within parts behaved
similarly whenever a part is mirrored. And there can be circumstances when
users would like to be able to place text strings with centre justification
or right justification within parts that are *not* mirrored. (From what has
been stated, it is obvious that such strings would take on centre
justification and left justification, respectfully, when such a part *is*

I have an idea that I have previously requested this feature (for Schematic
files) as part of the "Suggestions for improving Protel" thread (currently
dormant) on this forum. (If so, I would have pointed out that it was only
moderately high on my wish-list rather than close to the top of this, but I
fully concur that the current implementation of the Schematic and Schematic
Library editors can be irritating, in terms of where text ends up within
mirrored parts.)

I think that it is not unrealistic to assume that if Protel did improve
things in this regard, then this will occur in a succeeding major version of
Protel, rather than in a succeeding SP for Protel 99 SE. There are database
considerations in this regard... (The same would also be true if text
strings within *PCB* files were to be similarly enhanced.)

Geoff Harland.
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