At 03:41 PM 2/13/01 -0600, Micky Blain wrote:
>I like the idea about the vacation, could I forward that ot my boss? With
>80+ hours a week the norm here I could use a week off!

Certainly. Tell him that overworking internal staff is counterproductive. 
They make more "rookie" mistakes when overworked. I've seen so many 
companies where everyone was working breakneck to get projects out. Once is 
a while, fine, but when it is constant, well, most of those companies are 
no longer in business. At the time I'm sure they thought that unless they 
worked like crazy, they would not succeed. It backfired.

One standard of success is that one is working less but making more money. 
(Actually, I first heard this as a standard of successful psychotherapy.) 
Yes, almost anyone can make more by working more. You can do that at 

So what is a company to do? Obviously, this is not an easy question to 
answer. But part of the answer is to qualify and use good subcontractors 
who will relieve the work load rather than increase it. If there is 
sufficient and steady work, in the long run, then more in-house staff would 
obviously be useful; but outsourcing has not become a buzzword for nothing.

If there is no money to send the work out, and not enough time such that 
overtime is needed, why is there enough money for salaries and overtime, 
and enough time, for what it takes to fix the mistakes that overworked 
employees make?

If you are working someone 80 hours a week, what are you going to do when 
he gets sick? What are you going to do when his shoulder freezes from RSI? 
(Sorry, Wolfgang: Repetitive Stress Injury.) Or when he realizes, or his 
wife forces him to realize, that if he works all the time there is no time 
to enjoy life and he discovers that he can do better elsewhere?

If outside contractors are developed and an employee gets sick or leaves, 
no sweat. But I've gotten a lot of jobs where the need to go out developed 
very suddenly and abruptly and no one knew where the files were, and 
certainly no one knew which of the various fins out there were sharks and 
which were dolphins. Time for a swim?

Abdulrahman Lomax
P.O. Box 690
El Verano, CA 95433

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