> For some reason I get all posts except my own, and I receive replies to
> my posts so somebody out there gets them. Why don't I?
> Drew

It has been my *normal* experience that I receive a copy of each post that I
send. As I mentioned in one previous post, I regard this as helpful, as it
indicates that my post actually was received by the mail server (and has
since been reposted).

However, in the past couple of days, I have *not* received copies of *four*
different posts which I sent. Two of these posts provided assistance to
Mickey Blain on how to totally purge power plane layers from a PCB file.
Another post thanked John Haddy for reporting how to print schematic files
without having overbars on text misplaced, and suggested that David Cary add
that solution to his Protel FAQ. And the other post described situations
where different SPs (for Protel 99 SE) could be installed on different PCs
(connected to the same network).

Given the nature of these posts, it is not out of the question that nobody
would have had reason to respond to them, assuming that they had even seen
them. It might alternatively have been the case that they were never
received by the mail server in the first instance. (I have occasionally
received automated posts from my company's email Daemon, reporting when such
posts were not successfully received by the EDA Protel Users mail server,
and that another attempt to achieve that outcome was currently underway.
However, I did not receive any such posts for any of those four posts

As such, I would be interested to learn if anyone sees this post, and
whether they saw any/some/all of the four posts just described. (If there
was a momentary hiccup, it is not out of the question that I will see this
post as well, and if so, I will subsequently report that fact.)

Geoff Harland.
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