Dear Brad Velander,

This is an interesting idea.

I don't think it will work directly, because in Protel a net has only one name.
Protel gives me an error when I try to put 2 different netlabels on the same

But others have suggested a "virtual short" schematic component that can be used
to connect 2 different nets together. Would that work here ? (It's a tiny little
box with 2 short pins that *look* like they short together on the schematic
printouts, but ERC thinks they don't, so everyone is happy). (It has a "virtual
short" footprint that actually does short together when the PCB is manufactured,
but DRC thinks it doesn't, so everyone is happy).

Say I have, say, SCK and SDA and I want to run it out one port (using SCK =
Ser1, SDA=Ser2) onto another schematic sheet. Do I get any warning if I
accidentally swap them (SCK=Ser0, SDA=Ser1) ?

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Subject:  Re: [PEDA] Bus nets

Reading this thread, I can't help but ask if something I used to do back
many years ago in Orcad would work with Protel for buses. I also used to
deal with bussing large numbers of control signals in Orcad. It was not that
hard to do with Orcad because it would eloquently handle multiple netnames
on nets. It would even supply a list of renamed or multiply named nets in
the ERC report so you could check for any mismatches in multiply named nets.
To bus control signals I handled it in the following manner, does this work
in Protel, I don't have time right now to give it a thorough test.
     Name your control signals as normal while they are separate signals,
close to the originating ICs. Just before you enter a bus, assign a new
netname with an arbitrary sequential naming (i.e. B1, B2, B3..., C1, C2,
C3...). Name the bus B1..3 or C1..3. When you break a signal out of the bus
again assign the sequential naming immediately when leaving the bus, then
later along the individual signal rename it again to the control signal
     Used to work just fine in Orcad, does it work for Protel? It could
cause some minor confusion to the un-initiated but after a minute or two and
a brief explanation, everyone worked with it just fine.


Brad Velander

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